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About Us

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About us


Keeping the level of production small and creating each individual piece by hand ensures that the quality of work surpasses that of any mass-produced design. 

PLATA, meaning “silver” in Spanish, is a collection of asymmetrical, handcrafted pieces embellished with natural gemstones and fresh water pearls all intricately woven together with gold vermeil, gold filled or sterling silver. Every piece is inspired by the colors in nature and contemporary art. 

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Photography by Jordan McDonald


Handmade One by One

Our pieces are each designed and handmade one by one. 


Culture and Products

All of our Jewelry is made with a combination of gemstones, pearls, sterling silver, vermeil and 18kt gold filled. 


PLATA was founded in 1987 in Vail Colorado. We are constantly innovating with new designs and stylish products.